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Empower Your Intimacy with Femilift at The Pennsylvania Center For Plastic Surgery

At The Pennsylvania Center For Plastic Surgery, we understand the importance of maintaining feminine health and confidence. Dr. Scott Brenman offers Femilift, an advanced, non-surgical laser treatment designed to rejuvenate and restore vaginal health, enhancing both function and comfort. What is Femilift? Femilift uses CO2 laser technology to stimulate collagen

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Why FemiLift is Better Than Other Vaginal Rejuvenation Options

Introduction Vaginal health is a critical component of overall well-being for many women. As awareness around this aspect of health continues to grow, so too does interest in non-invasive rejuvenation techniques. Among the various options available, FemiLift has garnered significant attention for its innovative approach and outstanding results. In this

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Rediscovering Intimacy with Femilift: Sex after Menopause

Rediscovering Intimacy: Sex after Menopause Sex after menopause doesn’t have to be a distant memory that conjures up notions of discomfort or intimacy lost. Yet, the years that mark a woman’s transition through menopause often come with a myriad of changes – both physical and emotional – that can significantly

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Top Four Reasons to Consider Non-Surgical FemiLift

Top Four Reasons to Consider Non-Surgical FemiLift In our pursuit of overall wellness, an area often overlooked is vaginal health. For older women, changes in hormone levels, childbirth, and aging can lead to a range of intimate health concerns, affecting everything from sexual satisfaction to bladder control. Vaginal rejuvenation can

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Top 3 Benefits of FemiLift® Treatments

Childbirth and the normal aging process can cause changes in your vaginal health. You may notice a lack of lubrication, discomfort during intercourse, or a lack of tightness. FemiLift® can reverse these effects and restore firm, healthy vaginal walls. Relieve uncomfortable symptoms and feel more confident with FemiLift® vaginal rejuvenation. 

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What Can Femilift® Treat?

Hormones, childbirth, and aging can cause changes in your vaginal area. These changes can lead to problems with vaginal health and comfort as well as a less enjoyable intimate experience. Femilift® can rejuvenate the vaginal area to improve symptoms and restore healthy functioning.  How Does Femilift® Work? Femilift® is a

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How Long Does FemiLift® Last?

Dr. Kathleen Brenman understands the difficulties that women deal with after childbirth, menopause, or aging start to affect vaginal health and bladder control. Women no longer have to live with vaginal laxity, dryness, and discomfort, and they can even find relief from bladder leakage with FemiLift®. What is Femilift®? FemiLift®

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What Vaginal Issues Can Femilift® Address?

Until the development of vaginal rejuvenation procedures, the only options women had for correcting vaginal issues involved surgical intervention. Today, you have options like Femilift®, the most advanced vaginal rejuvenation technology available to give you amazing results.  What is Femilift®? Femilift® is a CO2 fractional laser that delivers energy using

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How to Treat Vaginal Laxity

Vaginal laxity poses a problem for many women, especially those who have given birth or those whose age or hormonal imbalances have caused changes to the vaginal tissue and pelvic floor. Fortunately, FemiLift can treat vaginal laxity and associated issues gently and effectively.  FemiLift for Vaginal Laxity Women may develop