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Is There A Long Lasting Solution for Vaginal Dryness & Infections?

Portrait Of Mother And Daughter In CountrysideVaginal infections are often accompanied by several unpleasant symptoms like vaginal dryness, persistent itching and burning, and even pain during intercourse. If you are one of the millions of women having to deal with constant vaginal dryness and infections, then it´s advisable to take action sooner rather than later.

Vaginal dryness and infections are often treated each time they occur via the use of topical creams, antibiotics or even natural homeopathic remedies. These quick fixes do work to reduce the immediate symptoms of the underlying problem, but they are by no means a permanent solution and continuous re-application of creams can be highly inconvenient when at work or in a social setting.

Introducing FemiLift for vaginal dryness and infections.

If you have decided it´s time to take action and put a stop to vaginal dryness and infections, then Alma´s FDA-approved FemiLift treatment could be the solution. The laser treatment is performed in three consecutive 30-minute sessions, where the vaginal tissue is instantaneously rejuvenated via deep thermal heating of the relevant cells.

After treatment you will notice an immediate increase in the amount of natural lubrication produced in your vagina and instant relief from uncomfortable dryness.  Additional benefits of this innovative treatment include a tighter feeling vagina, increased sensitivity and enhanced sexual gratification for both partners.

Additional information about the FemiLift treatment.

Recurrent vaginal infections and dryness are often tolerated unnecessarily, with FemiLift there is no need for surgery and length recovery time. Sessions are performed in consult and no anesthetic or downtime is necessary so you can resume daily activity immediately after your visit to our Philadelphia clinic.

If you want to find out more about overcoming vaginal dryness and infections, then please call the Pennsylvania Centre for Plastic Surgery at (267) 754-2988.

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